Pure Poker Misrepresentation

Oct 30th, 2013

Following the termination by "Lock" of its contract with the Revolution Network on October 29th, it came to our attention that players who were attempt to log onto the Lock software were being redirected by the network to a page that contains false and misleading information and, rather than being presented with the new Lock 2.0 software are subjected to an automatic download of competing poker software.

This is clearly an attempt by the network to take Lock players and damage Lock's business via a deceptive and misleading practice.

Lock has no relationship whatsoever with Pure Poker. Pure Poker has no Lock player data or account details. The only way to migrate your Lock balance, points and bonuses is to click on the download link in this email and then MIGRATE ACCOUNT once you launch the new software.

Initially the page where Lock players were redirected contained a patently false statement - that Lock's poker services were "terminated". Our legal counsel wrote to the operator of the Revolution network and demanded that this statement be taken down and, we confirmed that the page had been corrected to remove the false statement in less than an hour. However, the network has failed to resolve the more pressing issue - being that it is attempting to take Lock players and damage their business via a deceptive and misleading practice. This is conduct that is obviously meant to damage Lock and to cause confusion in the minds of consumers. To an extent this has already been successful as is evidenced via the threads appearing on the 2 + 2 forums and the emails we have been receiving from players.

Lock will be making a claim for damages as against the company and it's principals that own/operate the Pure Poker site as a result of the activities described above. The representatives of operator of the Revolution Network (IAA Services Ltd.), have indicated that the purepoker.eu site has owners and operators separate from the network. The persons and company who appear to be running the Pure Poker site have already been put on formal notice of Lock's claim for damages and have not responded.

The Revolution network operator has claimed that the Pure Poker site is not operated by the network however, the highjacking of the Lock update could not have been done by some third party operator without the knowledge and assistance of the network.

Accordingly a claim for damages will also be made against the network operator, as well as the principals and directing minds of the network operator, for inducing breach of contract and making negligent and/or fraudulent misrepresentations, concurrently with the claim as against the owners/operators of the Pure Poker site.

Finally, the regulatory and licensing authority for the Revolution Network have been put on notice that the network operator appears to be allowing an unlicensed poker site to operate as part of their network, in addition to the damages they are intentionally causing to Lock. There is no indication on the purepoker.eu site that their business operations are licesned in Curaco or elsewhere. This site appears to be a sham and players deal with it at their own risk.